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The 22 year old Austrian/American/Argentinian producer, Jend a.k.a. Jendbeats is on his way to become one of house music’s most exciting newcomers. 


Within a year of releasing music, he amassed millions of streams as an independent artist, gaining him recognition from multiple well known artists such as Robin Schulz, BLOND:ISH, Will Clarke, and Jewelz & Sparks as well as major labels. His signature style of timeless, often dreamy, bass-driven house/tech-house incorporates unique melodic basslines, memorable vocals, as well as sampled elements, creating a mix of commercial and underground sound. 


Having found an early love for electronic music when listening to his dad’s 90’s house & techno CDs, Jend’s taste in electronic music has since then broadened across various genres such as future bass, electronica, drum & bass, house, and techno, developing his style into what it is today. 


In 2014, Jend started experimenting with sampling and synthesizers, which quickly became his passion and a way for him to escape reality. For years, he only made tracks for himself but it all changed in 2019, when partying after his highschool graduation, mixed with the rise of house tracks by FISHER, Diplo, and Calvin Harris, made him fall in love with the genre, inspiring him to pursue his dream of a music career.


Since his debut EP “Moon Drive”, Jend’s music has been spreading around the world, reaching more listeners with every new release. Jend’s latest releases “Backseat”, “Something More”, and “Beside Me” are a series of love themed house tracks which give a glimpse of the upcoming album, releasing this July.


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